UX Design Lead   


FinTech Products

BNP Paribas - Trade Alerts

Traders are bombarded with information, achieving the right single to noise ration is key to success. With Trade Alerts we created a product for traders to configure and access alerts.

1. I started by interviewing target users to understand the factors to be alerted on before creating the first wireframe iteration.

2. I reviewed the design with traders and found that limit alerts and client alerts are the two most important categories. Therefore, I promoted them on the UI, visual design shown below.

3. Finally, I designed the notification UI. From the user interviews, we learned that the market can suddenly become very active, resulting in alert blasts. Therefore, we had to ensure the alert notifier could simultaneously display many incoming alerts.

BNP Paribas - FX Spot Pricer

FX trades are now often ‘auto-priced’ using a set of rules defined by the front office. FX Spot Pricer was built to enable traders to view and adjust price rules to ensure firm pricing stayed competitive.

1. First I met with FX traders to understand common use cases of when rules needed to be modified. Then sketched ideas for the new UI.

2. Next was the interaction design phase. Again, we validate the design with users and iterated.

3. Finally, I produced the visual design for the front end dev team.

Thomson Reuters - Eikon Flex Creation Wizard

The Eikon platform integrated many trading tools inside a single application. Users needed a way to combine these separate tools into a seamless workflow.

1. We decided that asset class, the primary way users defined their focus,  should be the structure of the navigation. From there, I built an Axure prototype of the design to enable user validation.

2. We produced the visual design assets shown below. The Flex Creation Wizard had very high usage and clients commented that it was one of the most useful features of Eikon.