UX Design Lead   


Consumer Products

Developed an innovative participatory design method to understand user needs of social search. The findings contributed to UI and algorithm design of Google search.

Google - Understanding User Needs of Social Search

1. The participatory design method involved users recounting recent search queries and describing when they turn to social input over technology. Social input was found to be valuable to trigger ‘Starting Points’ and when ‘Narrowing Lists’.

2. The user need for social input to ‘Narrow a List’ suggested innovative UI solutions.

3. The research was published at CHI 2012  https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2223732

Used ethnographic research to identify unmet information needs around childhood education. Then designed and implemented an Android application to address the unmet needs.

School Connect - Capstone Project

1. From the research we found that parents craved information on their children’s education but children were focused on interacting with their friends.

2. We sketched design solutions to address the need for more educational information.

3. We designed and implemented School Connect, an Android application to better inform parents on their child’s educational progress. https://youtu.be/63-wtiZWKRY