UX Design Lead   


Career Timeline

Bloomberg - UX Design Lead

      1. Responsible for managing UX engagement with the risk business division

      2. Delivered strategic design projects at executive level

Bloomberg - Senior UX Designer

      1. Track record of designing products that grow usage and revenue

      2. High quality, high impact design projects delivered efficiently

BNP Paribas - UX Designer

      1. UX Designer for Cortex single dealer platform and front office applications

      2. Cortex 2013 FX Week Award winner, Most Innovative Bank E-Trading Platform

Google - UX Intern

      1. Created an innovative participatory design method to understand user needs of social search. Published at CHI 2012. https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?doid=2223656.2223732

Carnegie Mellon University - Masters of HCI

      1. Graduated from leading HCI program. Classes included HCI Methods, Interaction Design, Human Factors and Programming User Interfaces.

Reuters - Usability Specialist

      1. Ran usability studies, delivered design for key enhancements of Eikon and managed a front end prototyping team

Reuters - Technology Graduate

      1. Entry level engineering and product roles.

University of Manchester - Master of Physics

      1. Develop strong analytical and problem solving skills