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UX Research

“Understanding human needs is half the job of meeting them.” Adlai Stevenson Redesign - Usability Analysis was in the stages of a major UI redesign in the summer of 2010. During my internship at Google I conducted a remote usability study of the redesign with 12 users. is the 7th most visited site on the web so getting the usability right was a large responsibility. I worked closely with the UI designer and product manager to ensure the goals for the study were met.


  1. -Detailed analysis of user feedback produced 27 actionable recommendations to the product team.

  2. -Pro actively followed up on the recommendations to ensure the user’s voice was heard internally.

  3. -Findings lead to significant enhancements to the first time experience and template selection features.

Capstone Project -  Mobile Applications for Families

The HCI Masters program at Carnegie Mellon culminates in the 8 month Capstone project. Working in teams of four, we research, design and implement an application for a commercial client. Our project was to work with Portugal Telecom on mobile applications to facilitate family life. I lead the research stage of this project.


  1. -Defined research questions and selected the following methodologies to answer them; Cultural Probes, Contextual Inquiry and Questionnaires.

  2. -Identified three contexts of family life that could be enhanced with mobile applications, food purchasing, shared TV watching and parent teacher communication.

  3. -Communicated the findings to our client using three personas. The personas were used in a collaborative session with the client to generate design ideas. 

Personas and Scenarios for Eikon

Eikon is a new real-time financial desktop product. Thomson Reuters made major investments in Eikon and wanted to ensure the product would deliver a great user experience. I worked in the user experience team to develop nine personas and accompanying scenarios to describe the workflows of target users. The personas were used by designers and product managers to define Eikon in the early stages of the project.


  1. -Worked with the user experience team and the marketing department to plan and conduct over 100 interviews with end users in four countries.

  2. -Worked collaboratively to synthesis the interview findings and identify the key user types.

  3. -Lead the design and creation of nine personas and forty user scenarios.

Exploratory Research - Mental Models of Social Search

Objective information needs are well served by traditional search engines, it is now very easy for a user to answer a question like “How high is Mt. Everest?”. The search team at Google were interested in understanding user needs for more subjective queries. “Where should I go on vacation?” I planned and conducted a UX research study to understand mental models of social search.


  1. -Collaborated with search experts throughout Google, creating a participatory design methodology to understand user’s social information needs.

  2. -The findings influenced UI and algorithm design of the Google social search experience.

Thomson Reuters

Carnegie Mellon