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Interaction Design

Capstone Project - Mobile Application Design

The HCI masters culminates in an 8 month project to research, design and implement an Android application. Our research identified a strong desire for parents to have mobile access to information on their child’s education.


  1. -Designed the user interface to allow parents to view the academic performance of their child. Starting with hand sketched concepts and evolving to high fidelity mocks.

  2. -Experience working in a collaborative design team. Conducting critiques of each others designs and incorporating feedback.

  3. -Gathered end user feedback and conducted rapid design cycles to incorporate.

Interaction Design - Smart Mat

Interaction Design is one of the core courses of the HCI Masters program at Carnegie Mellon. The class was structured as a design studio, work was highly collaborative. I learnt how to give and receive feedback effectively and the importance of rapid iteration.


  1. -Experience of different design methods for ideation; hand sketching, story boarding, video sketching and experience prototyping.

  2. -Experience working in interdisciplinary teams with colleagues from varied cultures.

  3. -Gained skills in Flash animation, Axure prototyping software and Omnigraffle design software.

Design of Flex Creation Wizard for Eikon

The predecessor to Eikon was called 3000 Xtra. 3000 Xtra was a powerful but complex application. The goal of Eikon was to keep the powerful features but provide an easier learning curve to new users. I designed the flex creation wizard, a feature to make it easier for users to create customized pages of content. 


  1. -Lead the design of the feature, through conception to implementation. This involved collaboration with the product manager and engineering teams.

  2. -Successfully incorporated feedback from internal stakeholders while maintaing a design that was simple and coherent.

  3. -The feature shipped with the release of Eikon in 2010 and has over 10,000 accesses per month.

“Most advanced, yet acceptable.” Raymond Loewy

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